How to sign up now with RIC as your State Fund Access Partner?   

  • Contact RIC to notify us you intend to select us.
  • You can call us at (888) 545-3129 or email us at
  • Forward a copy of your Book Transfer Authorization Form so we can sign it and forward it to State Fund for you. Completed forms are to be forwarded to State Fund by September 18, 2017 to

What is the commission rate?

  • 5% for New and Renewal business

RIC’s Access State Fund Leadership Team

  • Gary Kitchen – President & CEO
  • Jeff Gans – Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathy Harper – Director
  • Brenna Lemmon – Manager
  • Ana Sims – Manager

We can help you grow your book with State Fund so you can be eligible for a direct appoint in the future. You will need to achieve the following.

  • $750,000 of paid premium from August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018.
  • Have at least 10 in-force policies.
  • Have a 25% quote to bind ratio.
  • Have a three-year loss ratio < 40% after application of a $250,000 stop loss.